Stick Deodorants

Our stick deodorants are beeswax based and do not contain baking soda, preservatives, aluminium and stabilizers.

Their consistency remains the same all year long. 

Perspiration is a natural process that helps our body eliminate toxins. Our deodorants are not anti-perspirants, but they prevent bacteria growth, which is responsible for body odours.

Direction for use: Push up the bottom of the tube to use the deodorant. Best applied straight after shower. 

Available in 75g and 17g home-compostable cardboard tube.

Contains beeswax. Not tested on animals.

Our stick deodorant contains beeswax and plant extracts such as Calendula and Plantain which are amazing skin protectors, but may stain white and light coloured fabric. Please be aware of this before getting dressed with your favourite garment.